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My dearest April, where have you gone? LOL. Yeah, it’s FLOWN by! This weekend my step son (who’s our oldest child) graduated from GVSU (Grand Valley State University).  We’re SO SO SO proud of him. He’s a social studies teacher (he’s hoping to get a job in a middle school). During his student teaching he got the chance to work w/some 7th graders/junior high aged kids. Of course, my youngest two want him to come back to their school to teach (LOL).  But yeah, it was awesome to see all his hard work pay off.

Now, only 5 more kidlets to go (LOL).

On the writing front, things are kind of crazy. Still going through contract negotiations on one book (series), and I have another book that’s out for betas right now (so can’t wait to get this one over to Agent Jenn). I’ve spent the last two weekends reading through my first 2 betas comments etc and adjusting a few things. Once I get the other two back, I’ll finish cleaning TRC up then it’ll be out the door (yay).

Right now, I’m in the midst of plotting another contemp (LOL). I know, I know—I’m not sure what’s gotten into me. I’ve had so many contemporary ideas as of late. And of course, my daughter and sister keeps feeding the fire by telling me how good the ideas are and wanting me to work on them. It’s definitely different than the fantasy/paranormal genres I normally write in. But I’m glad for the chance to spread my wings some.

Hoping to blog more in the coming months, but with the kidlets in soccer, band, and orchestra, I’ll be running around like a crazy woman. I do already have my summer vacation approved (and I’m counting down for it—COME ON AUGUST) and a list of houses I want to look at (hehehe). Still hunting for land or a summer house in the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We vacation up there quite a bit, so we’d rather have a permanent place rather than tenting it every year (and that way we can bring our dogs w/us and not have to get a house sitter).

I hope you all have a FAB day/week.

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So, as you can tell from my lack of blog posts as of late, I’ve been SUPER busy. Day job is killer, but I’m surviving (barely) LOL. Basketball season ended a couple weeks ago, as did Odyssey of the Mind, so now we’re all set to start soccer in the Purdy house. Yes, we recognize our seasons by what activity the kidlets are in.

Okay, so any day now I should have some good news to share. This news has been several months in the making. So as long as nothing falls through I should be able to talk about it soon (yay). During this time (waiting is excruciating—just saying) I’ve been outlining a YA contemporary romance that is cute/funny (well, if I do say so myself—hehehe). I’ll be starting chapter 7 during my lunch hour today. I’m hoping to crank this bad boy out pretty quick.  Now, if only I could shut my mind down and keep all the new shiny story ideas at bay.

I’ve also been getting through my TBR pile. I’m currently reading Grave Mercy by Robin Lefevers. LOVE it so far. I finished the Lux series a couple weeks ago. And I have 6 more books on my night stand to read, plus another 3 coming in the mail in the next week.

And during my time away, I was also able to beat two of my video games (take that Dragon Age I and II). LOL. Now I’ve moved on to Skyrim–which I think is gonna take me longer to beat (according to my sons).

I hope everyone is having a FAB April so far. Mine will be better once the snow quits (LOL).


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