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Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!! Well, this week is ALA in Las Vegas! Woot-woot. As you know (or might’ve heard me mention before), my publisher Entangled will be at ALA and they’re going to have The Winter People ARCS, along with some signed bookmarks (which I think are pretty—hahaha). So if you get a chance to stop by the Entangled booth # 536, look for my ARCS. I’m not sure what day(s) they’ll have them there, but hopefully if you’re out there you’ll be able to snag one.

Would LOVE it if you manage to get your hands on one to go ahead and take a picture of it (wants to see the pretties—hahaha).

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Had an awesome weekend with the kidlets at soccer tournament. Both Chase and Erin’s teams took 3rd place in their divisions/age groups. So proud of them. it was definitely a long weekend with lots of games. But they played hard and were so fun to watch. I think all the parents lost their voices cheering. And we’re all one sunburn richer (even after applying sunscreen like every 1-2 hours–ahhhh). Below are some pics from the weekend!


The picture below is of Chase on defense during his 1st game on Saturday (look at that mean face–LOL)



This is a picture of my daughter looking all tough!! LOL–she definitely gave the boys heck during these games that’s for sure…



Picture of Erin’s team after they won they’re 3rd place trophy (she’s on the bottom far right).



This is Mollie,  Emma and my daughter Erin (these are two of her BFFs that she’s played soccer with since she was really little).


Here’s a pic of the girls with their siblings. It’s funny because all the siblings played on a team together too…


And this one is of Chase and his friend Kevin, sporting the purple hair in the semi-finals…


And this is Chase and his team after their 3rd place win….


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June has kind of come out of nowhere! Seriously. We’re nearing the end of soccer season here in the Purdy house. We have two games this weekend, then we have tournament Friday-Sunday next weekend (well depending on how well the kids’ teams do—LOL). But at least 3 games each (so that’s 6 games we’ll have to be at for sure). GAH. But it’s super fun to watch them play!

 I’m still working on writing the sequel to Legend of Me. Just finished a REALLY tough scene. Hoping to get this on cranked out by July, at which point I’ll need to start writing The Winter People bk 3. Also have like 3 side projects I want to work on, but I have to get all my contracted stuff written first…

 Oh and for those of you going to ALA, I’ve sent out some signed Winter People bookmarks (they’re really sweet looking) that’ll be at the Entangled table. They’ll also have some ARCS on hand for those of you who want to get your hands on TWP before it releases in September.

 I’m getting super pumped about vacation, which is coming up in August. Can’t wait to hike and camp. And have a break from the day job (LOL). So yeah, I’ll be counting down to that.

 REALLY hoping to get out this weekend to see The Fault in Our Stars—but not sure if my schedule will allow for it or not. If you guys haven’t read the book this movie is based off of, GO NOW AND GET IT. Super awesome. You will laugh. You will cry. You will go through lots of tissue.

 Hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend!!

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