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And here we are into November! So sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but September and October were CRAZY insane! I had book signings (sometimes a couple in one week). So I was on the road a lot and got to meet lots of awesome readers, writers, and other authors.

The small book tour I did this fall was my first ever and let me tell you that I was HOLY nervous for my first signing—and then for my first speaking event (ah). But I made it through. Seriously can’t tell you how awesome it was getting to talk to readers. It was so cool that people wanted to come meet me. Sometimes they were nervous to talk to me (which totally seemed alien to me because I’m the most normal person in the world). To my own kids, I’m just there mom, who also happens to write.

I wanted to also thank everyone for the fan emails, direct messages, messages, and tweets over the last couple of months, seriously, they mean so much to me. To hear how much people are loving this world I wrote about and the characters…

So I thought I’d share a tiny little bit of news (for those of you who didn’t already know). The Winter People will have 2 more books in the series. The 2nd book, as of right now, is titled: Summer Marked. I know TWP had a pretty satisfying ending, so it’s not like there was a cliffhanger or anything like that. But the 2nd book kind of lets us explore more of the characters from the 1st book. Some characters who had more stories to tell. There will also be the introduction to some new characters who I’m SO excited for people to meet. This 2nd book is darker than the first. We do have a tentative release date on that one of August 4, 2015 (so less than a year).

Anyway, just wanted to share that bit of information with everyone (will share more when I’m allowed to). I will hopefully have some other good news to share soon.

But for now, I’m going to share some pictures from my book signings below (I had more pics, but my daughter’s phone had a malfunction and she lost a lot of photos she had saved on it—sniffles).

book signing 1

Book signing 2

book signing 3 book signing 4

book signing 5

book signing 6


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