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Phew, so we had a loooong weekend of soccer. Between both Chase and Erin we had 10 games this past weekend. Erin’s team took 4th place in the U-14 Boys division (she’s on a coed team–she’s one of 3 girls). And Chase’s team took 1st place in the U-12 Boys division (also a coed team). 

Erin’s Team below:







     Chase’s Team:


They both played so hard and it was a blast to watch them. But seriously, during my daughter’s games we were SO frustrated. We got bad reffing for 1/2 her games. There was this one kid who fell to the ground after one of our players bumped him (it was a legal shoulder bump) and he pretended to be hurt (you could tell he was faking it) and the ref called it a PK (penalty kick). Then we ended up facing that same team in the semi-finals and that same kid did the same thing. He flopped on the ground and pretended to be hurt until they made the call for the PK (GAH). They played SO dirty. At one point they tripped Erin, but didn’t call the penalty. So a play or two later she ended up tripping someone (not on purpose) and they called it. It was like everything they could call on us, they did. Our coach went over at half-time to talk to the refs. He was mad because the calls weren’t fair across the board and the one kid kept faking injuries. He just wanted our kids to have a fair shot, without all the extra stuff.

My daughter was like “I’d be embarrassed to be a 14 year guy who threw myself on the ground crying in the middle of a soccer game.” LOL.

Then during Chase’s game, a kid shoved him down and cleated him in the shoulder. He was down for a couple minutes. Then they called the penalty on Chase saying he was body tackling. Yeah, not sure where that came from because he got shoved from behind.

But I’m proud of the kidlets, they played their butts off (and had clean games).  They both came home w/trophies, sunburns, and lots of memories (and of course, I’ve got pictures).

Erin and her BFF Chris:











 Chase laying down between games:


 Chase breaking it down by his team:



Erin with her friends Emma and Mollie (the three girls on the team):011

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Phew! What a weekend. My daughter Erin had soccer tournament all weekend. She was 1 of 2 girls on the all boy team and she kicked some major butt! She scored two goals and had several assists. And her team took 3rd Place!!! They played their butts off. Couldn’t be more proud. Here are a few photos from this weekend!

First up this is a pic of my daughter Erin and one of her BFF’s and the only other girl on the team Jos.

Then, here’s the start of their game on Saturday. Erin is playing right forward (woot-woot). She also had the 1st goal of this game.

And here we have my daughter taking a break to pose for the camera (eventhough the game is still going on–ahh, a little over confident–LOL).

Yes, my daughter’s friend Justin also wanted to pose even though the other team was about ready to do a throw-in (LOL).

Erin is in the midst of doing a header (sweet move).

The coach promised the kids if they won their game, he’d paint his hair purple to match theirs.

And speaking of purple hair, here is the whole team sporting team spirit with purple hair!

After 3 days of 85-93 degree weather, Erin’s team wins 3rd place in the tournament.

Of course, if you win, you have to dump something on the coach!

Back home: Erin showing off her lovely trophy (and sunburned face).


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