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Had an awesome weekend with the kidlets at soccer tournament. Both Chase and Erin’s teams took 3rd place in their divisions/age groups. So proud of them. it was definitely a long weekend with lots of games. But they played hard and were so fun to watch. I think all the parents lost their voices cheering. And we’re all one sunburn richer (even after applying sunscreen like every 1-2 hours–ahhhh). Below are some pics from the weekend!


The picture below is of Chase on defense during his 1st game on Saturday (look at that mean face–LOL)



This is a picture of my daughter looking all tough!! LOL–she definitely gave the boys heck during these games that’s for sure…



Picture of Erin’s team after they won they’re 3rd place trophy (she’s on the bottom far right).



This is Mollie,  Emma and my daughter Erin (these are two of her BFFs that she’s played soccer with since she was really little).


Here’s a pic of the girls with their siblings. It’s funny because all the siblings played on a team together too…


And this one is of Chase and his friend Kevin, sporting the purple hair in the semi-finals…


And this is Chase and his team after their 3rd place win….


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