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Will you look at that? It’s FRIDAY! SWEEEEEET Friday. As you can tell, I’m ready for the weekend. Been a crazy busy week (aren’t they always—LOL).

This weekend basketball season is finishing up for my daughter. She’s had an AWESOME season. Last game they beat one of the hardest teams in the league and she had 16 points and several steals. Also this week, my youngest had to get glasses (gets that from his dad—hehehe). And the three youngest all made honor roll at school (oh yeah).

On the writing front, all is quiet. Actually, next week I’ll be diving into my next two stories. One is a YA Fantasy, which I will call TP (I promise that’s NOT short for toilet paper—snickers) and the other is a YA Paranormal Romance (book 2 to My Dad’s a Paranormal Investigator). I’m VERY eager to get back to it. I haven’t written anything in FOREVER. My creative mind is bursting.

I finished reading Passion by Lauren Kate. It was pretty good. Liked seeing the different versions of Daniel/Luce through history. Can’t wait to read the last book. I’m actually reading my own book: My Dad’s a Paranormal Investigator: Seeking Shapeshifters right now to get myself back into the storyline/characters to write the 2nd one. It’s kind of strange reading the paperback (LOL).

Oh, and I ordered trading cards/bookmarks for The Fairy Godmother Files: Cinderella complex. I already got the trading cards in and they turned out really nice. I got the bookmarks designed and I think they’re so cute. So can’t wait to unleash them on the world (stay tuned because in the next couple of months I’ll be giving away some loot).

OMG, did you guys see The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle last night? TVD was AWESOME. I can’t really talk about it yet because some of my friends haven’t watched the episode yet and told me not to tell them what happened (hehehe). But I will say Mr. Damon Salvatore (Ian) looks mighty fine in a tux. I have to watch The Secret Circle tonight as I was designing bookmarks with my sister last night and had to DVR it. But the previews looked SO good.

Now, I’m in count down mode for The Hunger Games Movie. I’m SO VERY FREAKING EXCITED for it.

And I have to give a HUGE shout out to my crit partner Vanessa who landed herself a literary agent this last week! So proud of her!!!

I hope everyone has a GREAT WEEKEND! I plan to watch basketball, catch up on tv shows and just chill. Plus it’ll be snowy and I don’t want to go anywhere (hehehe).

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