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Phew! The past few days have been crazy. This entry will likely be kind of lengthy (LOL). Okay, I’ll try not to get too long winded.  Some of you may already know from reading Publisher’s Marketplace that Agent Lady (Denise Barone) sold my YA book The Fairy Godmother Files: Cinderella Complex to Astraea Press this week. Woohoo.

Yesterday we got a few really cool emails. Two were from film scouts (OMG–seriously–FREAKING OUT) and they wanted to know if they could see my MS as they’d read about the sale on PM and thought the logline sounded awesome.

Agent Lady forwarded it over.  Then we got emails from some foreign rights peeps asking about my book.  So we shot off more emails.

Lots of cool things.  I’m still astounded.  Even though the movie thing most likely won’t pan out, it’s still FLIPPING FABULOUS to even have them want to take a look.  And let me just say they’re both WELL known movie companies. 

So, about my journey. Denise signed me back in May.  We worked on cleaning up the Fairy Godmother Files for almost two months then went out on sub.

The rejections came in, but they weren’t bad rejections.  Every one of them loved the voice, the world building, the humor, the storyline etc.  The reason for rejecting? They wanted DARKER stories. Okay, so it wasn’t my writing, so that was cool and the rejections complimented the story (awesome). 

So we sent out to more publishers. Again, every editor came back saying they wanted DARKER stuff for their lists.  By now, it was getting disheartening. I mean, it wasn’t my writing and they loved the story, but the market’s geared toward the dark.  I mean, obviously this isn’t something I can change. If it’d been some writing thing, I could at least work on it.

This totally sucks when you write light, funny, sweet types of YA. So after almost five months of sending the story out, me and Agent Lady did some conversing back and forth.  We both wanted this story placed.  So we went back and forth over what our next step should be (Agent Lady is fabulous, by the way–can’t say enough good things about her).  She asked how I’d feel if we approached some smaller presses.  She knew, ultimately I had my heart set on the bigger houses, but with the market as crazy as it is, it just wasn’t happening.

So I had the choice of either setting the story aside until the market changes or I could try and place it with a smaller press.  To me, writing has always been about sharing my stories. I’ve NEVER been in it for the money.  I love to tell stories and I want people to read them.  I got back with Denise and told, yes, let’s hit these other publishers.

Then we got the offer from Astraea. They publish clean/sweeter YA so it would be a perfect fit. I tell you, at first I was kind of sad, but then, I remembered why I’m doing this. I LOVE WRITING.

Then after Denise announced our sale, the emails started pouring in (the film scouts/foreign rights peeps). And so even if things didn’t go exactly how I’d planned them, I’m very happy for the way things are turning out.  God works in mysterious ways.  Sometimes we ask for things (like book contracts with a big 6 publisher), but things happen for a reason.  Will a movie get made? Probably not, but hey, my story garnered the interest after months of publishers telling me “not dark enough”.  So, I’m totally cool with that. 

Everyone’s journey is different. I’ll always strive for the great and as long as I’m able to share my stories then I’ve already won!


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