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Okay, so most people who know me, know I have MAJOR OCD issues when it comes to schedules and calendars. Seriously, sometimes it’s almost debilitating how much of my life is pretty much “calendared” in. And the thing is, I need this organization, or I’m anxious and freak out. I live by a strict schedule and it’s SO hard for me to function when something doesn’t go according to plan.

For instance, I get to work 40-45 minutes early every day. I sit and read for about 20-30 minutes. Then at exactly 8:13, I go inside and get my stuff prepared. I have my diet coke opened at 8:30 am. People are probably like “You get to work how early?” But it’s like I want to make sure I have extra time in case something happens/comes up to make sure I’m prepared for my day.

With the type of job I have, I have a calendar that I know I have specific hearing days/appointment days. But there are times when I get called into court for something and it totally screws up my entire day. It’s like I’ve then got to go back through and reconfigure everything.

Vacations are a HUGE chore too, because I have to have an itinerary of what I’m gonna be doing, when, and how long and where I’ll be. This drives my hubby crazy (LOL). He’s a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of guy. But I freak out. I like to be on a strict schedule and know where I’ll be. Like if we’re supposed to check in after 3:00, I want to get there at 3:00 or prior to. Hubby/kids will sometimes want to detour to stop and do extra things that aren’t on the schedule and I’m on the other end pointing out that we need to be at check in and we’ll be late. A lot of times, I’ll spend months ahead of time trying to figure out what we’ll be doing. And I put in all my vacation leave applications like 6-8 months ahead of time.

I show up to pretty much everything 30 or more minutes early. I can’t handle the idea of walking in late. And I’m like a freaking bear when my family isn’t ready to go when we’re supposed to leave. I’m constantly leaving sticky notes on the counter reminding kids of sports practices/games etc, even though they have the same schedules for practices every week. And my hubby knows when they need to be picked up/dropped off but I’m also leaving reminders for that.

Of course, in the writing profession it’s great to be able to stay on a strict schedule, especially for deadlines. But when something changes, like a release date, it puts me in panic mode, because that means I have to reconfigure my calendar and figure out when new deadlines/releases are. Having written for a few publishers, I can tell you things can sometimes come up and it’s hard to get readjusted.

I’m the same way with emails and phone calls. If someone says/mentions they’ll get back w/me on a certain day or time and that time comes and goes. I get worried that maybe I put something on my calendar wrong or read the email wrong and I go through prior emails/interactions to make sure I didn’t mess something up. Then I check and check and check my email like every 2 seconds and recheck my calendar or my phone log. But then I don’t want to recall/re-email the person because I don’t want to seem like I’m bugging.

It’s a daily cycle for me. And it’s SO hard to not focus on schedules/calendars etc.

So yeah, I’m really OCD and schedule driven and sometimes that sucks. I spend so much time planning every aspect of every day. And when a wrench gets thrown in, I’m not always great about working around it. Does anyone else have OCD issues? If so how do you work around them or are you like me, still a work in progress.

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