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Okay, so on my way in to work these last couple of days I’ve been noticing some odd things. Like two of  the  gas stations are now on Facebook/Twitter. And they’re encouraging their customers to follow them on line.

To me, that seems kind of ridiculous. Follow my gas station on line? What could they possibly have to say? “Had lots of customers today—and they pumped gas!” LOL. Okay, so they’re giving followers a chance to win prizes, but still. A gas station?

Which brings me to my dentist office. Yep, you’ve guessed it. They’ve also got a Facebook page. So I’m wondering what they have to talk about? Cavities, fillings, dentures? “Hey, we’ve got a cavity of the month club.” Right, so maybe that’s not what they’re talking about. But phew, it seems so odd. It’s like everybody and they’re brother (businesses included) are trying to use technology to their advantage. However, that being said, I already visit enough online sites without adding my regular, mundane things to the list. I want to go to the dentist to clean my teeth, not follow them online. And well, not really all that “excited” about pumping gas either (grins).

I had to chuckle though, because then I got to thinking about other businesses or companies that’d be funny to see with a Facebook page/Twitter. Like walking into the gynecologist office “Hey follow us on Twitter.” Or what about the sewage pumping “We’ll pump the sh*t right out of you”.  I mean, come on now…okay so that’s my rant/craziness for the day.

I do admit, however, that there are certain writers, agents, and publishers I follow online but it’s because of the industry information I’m trying to glean. Not to mention I like to keep up to date. And well, I just can’t justify following my dentist or gas station on line.

So I’m wondering if anybody else finds some of this stuff ridiculous?

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