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GIANT SQUEEEE….okay today is like an ALL CAPS kinda day (hehehe). I’m so happy to announce the release of my story The Fairy Godmother Files: Cinderella Complex. I’ve been waiting for a LONG time to have this baby out in the world. So be very nice to her (smiles). Seriously though, it was SO much fun to write and I hope everyone enjoys it! I will be visiting some blogs and I hope you’ll stop in and say hi (links are listed below). There’s a chance to win some loot (signed bookmarks, book cover trading cards, ebooks).

Come visit me today at these lovely ladies blogs:

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Okay, so I never thought I’d have a blog entry entitled “The Dogman” but last week on our camping trip we had a crazy experience. At first I was like, okay, not sure if I want to share this with everyone, but then I figured other people might have had similar experiences and this might be a good opportunity to hear some of them.

One of the places we stayed in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was Fayette (which is an old ghost town that the state park is attached to).

It’s on the lakeshore but has a lot of wooded area. The woods have really bizarre trees and odd outcroppings of rocks/moss etc. The first thing I said to my hubby and kids after we got our tent pitched was that the woods reminded me of a “bad” fairytale setting. Dark trees that looked like they could get up and walk because of their roots.

After we visited the ghost town and went through some of the ruins etc, we came back to our site and took a path through the woods to Lake Michigan so the kids could wade/look for rocks etc. On our way back I took a picture of my son heading up the path and the tree in it looked like it had glowing blobs stuck on the branches and some of the rocks looked like they were glowing too (I didn’t notice it at the time–not until I went back through the pics a couple of days later).

So anyway, that night after dark we brought the kids back to the beach to look at the stars. It was SO dark in the woods you couldn’t see the path (even with two flashlights). So we went back to our tent and got bundled in for the night (my hubby, me, and my daughter Erin in one room of the tent, and Chase and Barrett, my sons, in the other room of the tent). About an hour after lying down we heard a low growl from behind the tent.

Erin is like “Mom, did you hear that?”

And of course I was like “Um, yeah.”

And my hubby said he heard it too, but told us just to be quiet and try and sleep. About twenty minutes later, our fire had come back to life again and all of a sudden we saw a shadow pass outside our tent. It was standing on two feet like a human and walking by, but had a wolf/dog type face. My daughter grabbed my shoulders and jerked me back

Erin said, “Mom, did you see that.”

My first thought was that my hubby was messing around so I whipped around and was like “Tim, knock it off.”

Looking back now, I seriously don’t even know how I could’ve thought it was him. The thing walked right by our tent, on two legs, with a flipping dog-head.

But anyway my hubby was lying with his hands under his head staring at the side of the tent. He’s like, “That wasn’t me. I don’t know what the hell that was.”

And Erin swore up and down that my hubby hadn’t moved.

So now, I’m freaked the hell out because there are legends in Michigan about something that people call “The Dogman” which has been spotted all over the state. And I’m talking some of these stories go back years.
I can’t explain what it was because I don’t know of any dogs that walk on their hind legs like a human for that long. And definitely not up the small incline that was at the edge of the woods where it came from. And yet the story gets creepier.

After that happened my hubby and daughter finally went to sleep and I couldn’t sleep (of course, I was kind of freaked out). About an hour later I heard something breathing heavy on the other side of my tent, so I scooted closer to my hubby and daughter and it quit.

I know for a fact that no one was out there, because it was too dark–they would’ve had to have had flashlights, and well, I didn’t see any.

When daylight hit we scoured our campsite for footprints but didn’t find any. My daughter, hubby, and I went over what we’d seen several times. My sons, who’d slept through the whole thing, were freaked.

Since I wasn’t the only one who saw or heard stuff I know it had to have happened. I’ve seriously never had anything so strange happen in my life. It was totally crazy and I feel like a crazy person even writing it down.

I kept the site number (#34) written down and told my hubby that we have to go up again, but next time bring something to record it or try and take pictures. I was scared to death but need to know what in the world was going on. That was the one night my hubby didn’t have any knives or anything in the tent otherwise we might have opened the screen to see what it was.

Nothing else like that happened for the rest of the trip only in Fayette by the old ghost town (strange).

So yeah, my vacation was memorable and this is a story/happening that me, my hubby, and daughter won’t ever forget! And I still can’t get over it. When we got home I scoured the internet (as did my hubby) to see if anyone else had anything like that happen to them up in Fayette. But the only thing we found was on article about a lady that had seen “little people” (the Native American legends) about 25 miles north of where we were, a place we’d visited earlier that day.

But the Dogman has been spotted all over the state. Was that what we saw? I’m not sure, but I don’t know what else it could’ve been.

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