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Okay, so I have some release date changes (I know, I know–this has happened a couple of times now–LOL). The Winter People will now be releasing in September of 2014 (September 2, 2014 to be exact). There are a couple of reasons for this change. The big one: THE WINTER PEOPLE IS GOING TO BE COMING OUT IN HARD COVER!!!!! Yes, you read that correctly! HARD COVER!! OMG!!!! The cover for it is going to get a really cool treatment and Arcs will likely be available at ALA (which I’m being encouraged to attend to sign some books for everyone–woot-woot…still working out the details on that though).

The release date wasn’t changed just because of the hard cover thing, but also due to the fact that this book is set in winter so it made more sense for it to come out in Fall time frame (LOL). This book should be available in most bookstores (which is totally awesome).

Also because I’m working with various publishers, they have to make sure that my titles, which are all releasing in the same year aren’t competing with one another, which is why The Romeo Club will now be released at the end of March 2014 instead of May. And I don’t have my new date for The Legend of Me yet, but yeah, trust me, all these switches are just as hard for me as they are for you. But they all make sense and I hope the wait will be well worth it for everyone!

I have to thank everyone who has added my books on goodreads, messaged me about their excitement for the stories/covers, and helped take part in my cover reveals these past couple of weeks. You guys are TOTALLY AWESOME and FAB!!! ((HUGS))…

But yeah, that’s my good news! TWP in hard cover 9/2014!!!

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