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First of all, I want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS! I’m not sure if I’ll get out here again before the holidays are in full force. Hope you all have fun ((HUGS)).

Phew! Here it is, my last day of work (at the day job) until after the New Year (oh yeah). I’m really excited to have some time off. My plan? Well, to hang out with my family, play some video games, watch movies, read books, and maybe do a few “small” edits on TLOM (we’ll see though).

And for once, I have ALL my Christmas shopping done and the gifts are ALL wrapped (LOL). So, I actually get to chill. I’m SO looking forward to spending time with my kids/hubby. I’m already making a list of video games we can play (Skyrim is at the top, I’ve been waiting all week to play it—ahhh), as well as board games, and I have a ½ finished puzzle I REALLY want to get done.

It’ll be nice not to have to make the long commute and just stay home. Some years we take trips in December (like to Florida/Disney etc), but this year we’re all going to be home.

December 24th I’ll watch A Christmas Story (like I do every year). The 25th will be a blast as all my kids are home. Devin and Kris are home from GVSU, and Alyssa got in last Friday from Roosevelt University. The younger kids haven’t left (LOL), and my sister, 2 nephews, and niece, will be there with us. And hopefully, my dad will be back in off the road by then.

The following weekend (New Year’s Eve) will be my side of the family’s Christmas/New Year get together and my brother and his wife will be coming up with their 3 kids, and my sister will be there with her kids etc. We normally play board games, eat LOTS of food, and goof off (um—yeah can you say Nerf Gun Wars?).  Then we watch the ball drop. Usually, there is a prank call or two (MOM). LOL. But yeah, lots of fun.

As you can see, most of the stuff planned revolves around my LOVELY family. I can’t say enough about how awesome my family is.

So, until the New Year (unless of course I get some awesome news to share before then). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (or whatever holidays you may celebrate, I hope they’re perfect).

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Phew, I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving (or at least it is tomorrow). I’ve got so many things to be thankful for. A loving/supportive family, my FAB crit group, my agent, so many blessings have made this year awesome.  We’ve also had some family crisis this year, but thanks to God we’ve managed to make it through them all—a little stronger at that.

Tomorrow we’ll be making a couple hour car trip down to my brother’s for Thanksgiving.  And keeping with tradition, we’ll have the game on. What game you ask? OMG, are you serious? LOL. Okay, so I’m a SUPER LIONS FAN.  I’m SO excited for the Lions game (squee). I’m hoping we give the Packers their first loss of the season! The family is already geared up for turkey and football (oh yeah)….yes, we’ll be eating and yelling and cheering (trying not to dump mashed potatoes all over the place).

Basically, I’ll get all dressed up in my Suh Jersey (classy, I know). LOL. But got to show the team spirit.

Usually we host Thanksgiving, so it’s kind of nice not to have to cook this year (we’re hosting Christmas instead).  I also have a couple of days off of work (the day job), so I’m hoping to put in some time with edits/applying crits on TLOM (I’m like a 3rd of the way through it).  Would like to have to Agent Lady by end of December.

And, I have to say I’m going through some withdrawals.  Um, yeah, have you NOT noticed the absence of The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle (ahhhh). I’m like a TV show addict. When I’m not watching, I’m wondering what everyone’s doing or what the heck is going to happen when the shows come back. I mean, come on Damon HAS to kiss Elena already.  And whoa, are Adam and Cassie going to EVER get a chance to have a romantic moment? What about Jake (who even though he’s bad is kinda good—hehehe)?

Well, peeps, I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!!!!


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