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And here it is, Monday. AHHHHH! Is February seriously almost over with? LOL—I haven’t gotten nearly the things I wanted accomplished done this month. I started TP (which is a good thing) and my research for My Dad’s book 2 is underway. Although, I have to admit, the research is only making me want to return to Ireland (sigh).

That being said, my hubby keeps telling me that if I want to buy some vacation property (that we’ve been eyeballing for the last year or so), I’ll have to forego any big trips (sniffle). So we’ll see.

I should be getting galleys for TFGF pretty soon (squeee). So can’t wait. It’s almost go time for The Fairy Godmother Files: Cinderella Complex. Once I get the “approved” blurb, I’ll get it posted. I have a version of it, but I’m not sure if there will be any changes to it.

I signed more bookmarks over the weekend to send down to Spring Fling (in Chicago) along with some book cover trading cards.  So now, I have 2 packages I need to mail. Must. Get. To. Post. Office.

The kidlets have been keeping me busy (ahh). Erin and Barrett are both 1st chairs for their instruments (woot-woot). And in the next month or so, Chase will be picking out what he wants to play in middle school. So fun! Not to mention, only a couple more weeks before spring soccer gets underway, which reminds me, my son needs new cleats.

And as always, still waiting to hear back on some things (see, and here you thought you’d get out of hearing that from me this time). Smiles.

Hope everyone has a great Monday (or at least try to).

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