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So I’m trying my hand at writing two stories at once. Normally I stick to one at a time, but I had two ideas that were both rather vocal in my mind. One is a YA Fantasy set more in medieval times, while the other is more of a YA Fantasy set in modern times (and lighter tone).

I’m actually enjoying it! I thought I might have a hard time hopping between the two–but as of yet there have been no problems. I think it’s because the “voice” is different in them.

On the querying front (for TWP), I’ve got 4 partials out right now that I’m waiting to hear back on (totally psyched). Yeah, I’m doing my usual “hey let’s check the email a million times an hour” thing.

Mother’s Day was fabulous! My babies made me homemade cards and gifts. I absolutely love the thought and creativity they put into it. I always save them too!

Well I should get back to work…

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