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Hello my lovelies! Autumn is in full swing here in the Purdy house. I’ve gotten to chow down my favorite apple cinnamon donuts from our local apple orchard (they’re SO good, not even kidding—LOL). I celebrated another birthday (woot-woot), which means I got to add more books to my pile (hehehe). We’ve got a few more weeks of soccer left before we move into our next sports season. It’s been non-stop go-go-go. But, it’s fun watching the kidlets play. Not to mention we have some orchestra and band stuff on the horizon as well.

I’m working HARD on a few writing projects (yes, that’s right—a few). I just finished outlining one project, I have to outline another and I have 3 books due to be written in the next year (AHHHH). That doesn’t include the 3 books that’ll need to also be edited. Yeah, so I’m thinking perhaps I might have to say goodbye to sleep and hello to lots of caffeine (LOL).

Over the course of the next 1-2 months we should start seeing some bookcovers/blurbs too (SQUEE—THIS MAKES ME VERY HAPPY).

Also, I’ve FINALLY set up my Facebook author page. Which, is kind of naked at the moment, but will have stuff added to it as I get more book info (covers, blurbs, release dates, pics etc). So if you’d like to pop over and like my page, that’d be TOTALLY FAB! I always feel weird starting new things (blogs, twitter, FB stuff). Because those first few weeks are always kind of lonely (LOL). So yeah, hope everyone is doing well. In a couple weeks I’ll be having some of my agent mates stop by to do a guest post (which you don’t want to miss—because they’re awesome).


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