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This is insane. Seriously. I’m so humbled. I mean, OMG, is this happening? LOL. This has just been the coolest week ever. I’m so excited about the story itself (for The Fairy Godmother Files). And have been wanting to get this in the hand of readers.

I never dreamed that movie peeps would want to read it. So yeah, I still can’t believe it. I’m happy and excited. I know it’ll most likely not happen, but gosh, how AWESOME is to have the interest?

Little me. From small town, Michigan?

Thanks for letting me blather on…lots of prayers/finger crossings/voodoo chants or whatever you believe in! LOL.

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So last week I signed a book contract with Astraea Press! I’m really excited to finally start getting my stories out there. I have a copy of my cover in my sidebar for my story My Dad’s a Paranormal Investigator: Seeking Shapeshifters, which is due out February 2011. As I get more details, I’ll post them.

I do intend to keep pursuing getting an agent and traditional publishing, but I have a few stories that I absolutely LOVE, sitting around collecting dust. And rather than┬ájust use them as doorstops or foot stools, or building blocks for a manuscript fort on my desk, I decided to start querying/submitting to some e-publishing houses. This is giving me an opportunity to share my stories, which is what writing is all about for me. It’s about giving people (teens) an escape from everyday life. I’ve dreamt of being published for as long as I can remember and now it’s finally happening!

Just wanted to share my good news and say how pleased I am to have signed with Astraea!

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