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And it’s November already!!! Where the heck did October go? LOL.  Been super, crazy busy (which is why we have had a lack of blog posts lately). I’m in the midst of writing Legend of Me book 2 (started it at the end of October). I got a peek at the cover for Legend of Me and you guys are gonna LOVE IT. So pretty and awesome. I’ll likely be able to share it in the next month or so—which also leads me to some unfortunate news that the Legend of Me was pushed back to January 2014 (maybe later). This is one of those things that sometimes happens with publishers and I have n0 control over it. Trust me, I’m bummed, but hey, it’ll give me more time to set up some cool giveaways, plan for fun things!

I’m hoping to get out here more often (as I always seem to be promising)—but I have 4 books that have to be written in the next 12 months, sooooo….if you start hearing crickets, it’s just because I’m trying to get my books written so you can read them (smiles).

Ohh, and I also got to see some mock up covers for The Romeo Club (which are also super adorable). Hopefully, we’ll get the final one soon. So things are moving along.

On the home front, we got a new kitty, who is super cute (and naughty). His name is Sorbert (sure-burt is how you pronounce it).  He spends a lot of time chasing our dogs around the house and instigating fights (hehehe).

We have lots of stuff coming up for the kidlets, band, orchestra, my step-daughter graduates from college in December, 3 of my kids have birthdays, and of course Basketball season will be coming up soon! So yeah, will be doing lots of running around.

Miss everyone and hope your November is going good!! Will check back in soon with any more writing updates!!! ((HUGS))…

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Phew, August flew by. Seriously can’t believe we’re already into September. The kidlets went back to school last week, and soccer of course is in FULL THROTTLE (ahhh). LOL. So, anyway, I have a little information for everyone. The Legend of Me (my YA Fantasy/w/horror elements) has a tentative release date of December 20th or 21st 2013 (woot-woot). Which is right around the corner! I’ll be posting up the back cover blurb/cover stuff closer to release date.

I’m in the process of starting book 2 right now and have lots of cool ideas in store for it. My agent and I will also be subbing out some other stories too (yay). Very excited.

Need to start catching up on my TBR pile. I think I have like 15-16 books in it right now (they’re sitting on the back of my headboard for my bed right now). LOL.

So glad we’re into Fall. It’s my favorite season…hope everyone is doing well!!!! Will post more book info as I get it ((HUGS))…

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