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Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just can’t wait for it to be over? OMG, that was THIS week for me. Sigh.

We lost our 10 year old German Shepherd on the 13th (R.I.P REX). My hubby called me at work to let me know he passed away. The day before Valentine’s Day, guys–sniffle. We’d gotten Rex when our youngest son, Chase, was a baby. So he grew up with the kids.

So sad.

My other son had to have a bad spot cut/removed from his face on Weds. It went well and you can barely see where it’d been. The doctor did a great job. So that was good.

Work has been insane (day job). Hopefully won’t have to deal with any more angry people (LOL). Ahhhh…

On the writing front: I’ve started working on a new story (yay). After a few months of no writing at all, it’s so nice to dive into things. I’m hoping to start working on chapter 2 pretty soon, although, I’m expecting edits any day now on TFGF. Which, I believe will be releasing in March (HOLY CRAP–so excited).

I’m also waiting to hear back on some things. LOL–I know, I seem to say that every time I blog. But hey, it really should be any day now that I get some news, right? Here’s hoping.

I got my bookmarks in the mail for TFGF this week. I signed over 500 of them to send down to RT (with my publisher) along with over 500 Bookcover Trading Cards. I’m also going to be giving some away on my blog in the next month or so. So definitely keep an eye on info for that.

I have to try to set up some blog tours/interviews for TFGF (which I love to do–LOL). It’s fun meeting people and chatting.

Loved TVD and Secret Circle last night. I’m mad that they’re going on hiatus until March though (grrrr). Don’t they know that I won’t have anything to do on Thursday?

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I have Monday off of work for President’s Day, so that’s FREAKING AWESOME.



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