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Okay so I grew up reading The Vampire Diaries books by L.J. Smith. And in high school I absolutely loved them. The love triangle between two vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore and the human girl Elena. The characters were so vivid in my mind and I remember in book four of the series crying when I thought Elena was dead. Ugh! But now 16 years later they’ve made a fabulous t.v. series on the WB based on these books. And I say based on because the televisions show doesn’t follow the books (certain parts do but not many).

And I actually love the show too! The actors they have playing the characters bring them into play so vividly. Needless to say I’m a hug fan. Now onto the real discussion, season finale!

OMG, did anyone else watch Thursday night’s Vampire Diaries (eeek)? I’m totally wishing I didn’t have to wait a whole summer to see it again. The season finale was fabulous, seriously.


Okay, the whole show was rattled with action, drama, dead vamps, accidents, death–but it was SO awesome. All I can say is that Ian Somerhalder is flipping hot as heck (swoon, fanning face).

I was so ticked at Jonathan Gilbert for using the pocket watch contraption on the vamps and for a moment I thought Damon/Stefan were going to be caught. I felt bad for Elena and how Jeremy was treating her, they’re siblings for goodness sake’s forgive her already.

And Damon, ugh! I love me a bad boy that’s trying to do the right thing. And he does when it comes to Elena and I know that he and Stefan are brothers but dang it if I don’t want Elena to have a “Damon” moment. He loves her too. So yeah, I love both brothers but it sucks because it’s creating a love triangle similar to the one that got them in trouble in the first place.

And I liked that Damon stepped out to try and protect Elena–and that he and Stefan could band together for that.

Stefan loves Elena so it’s like I want things to be good for them, but I want to see Damon have some happiness too.

Loved the Founder’s Day stuff and how the vamps were coming in and Alaric stepped out to help Damon out. And when Damon was stuck in the basement, I was freaking. Ugh! And Stefan came to his rescue (although, Bonnie was kind of a b**tch–and I thought she was going to let them die).

And the ENDING–OMG! I didn’t see it coming. Totally surprised. When Damon walks up to “Elena” on the porch and he shows that tender side, I wanted to seriously jump through the screen and kiss him. And speaking of kisses, I was shouting at him to go for it and when he and Elena kissed I about fainted. Then of course Jenna interrupted…and then after all that–it ended up being Katherine! OMG! Didn’t see it coming and I’m hoping when Damon walked away touching his lips that he knows something’s off. And what Katherine did to Jon, holy crap–at first I was like “Wow, Elena is totally pissed at him”. When he was like “Katherine” I was like “No way.” The whole hacking his fingers off.

Then up the sidewalk comes the real Elena on the phone with Stefan (aw so she didn’t really get to kiss Damon because the evil vamp did). Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap. I could yap about this show forever. So good. I’m sensing Season 1 DVD in my near future (or at least when they come out).


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