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First of all I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback/words regarding The Fairy Godmother Files: Cinderella Complex. Seriously, it makes writing even that much more wonderful knowing that people are enjoying my stories.

And speaking of the Fairy Godmother Files, my lovely friend/crit partner Jennifer Fischetto is talking about my book on her blog today! Woohoo! So make sure to pop over.

In other news THE HUNGER GAMES—OMG SO AWESOME!!! I went to see the movie this weekend with my family. It was SO good. I don’t want to get all spoilery, but I can say there were a couple spots where I teared up (when Kat was with Rue and at the beginning).

The scenes with Katniss and Peeta were FAB. And holy crap the viciousness of the some of the tributes was captured perfectly. They didn’t show tons of gore or anything, but I mean you got a good idea/picture of what these kids were going through.

Kudos to the director/producers/writers for this film. My son and daughter both agreed that this was the best movie they’d seen.

Hope everyone gets a chance to go see it, totally worth it!

Oh and tomorrow I’ll be announcing the winners from my little blog tour I did. And stay tuned I’ll be giving away more stuff in the next couple of weeks.

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