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Phew, well, I’m back from “deadline hell”. LOL. Had to get a book cranked out, which is due in April. And yes, I wrote that thing in like a month. Yes, I know, that’s TOTALLY crazy. HA! It’ll be my 2nd ya contemporary I’ve written, and it is a follow-up to (not a sequel) The Romeo Club, which will now release on April 8th, 2014. Why yes, I have been on a contemporary kick lately. But seriously, the book was a TON of fun to write. Hope my editor loves it as much as I do.


Also wanted to catch up with everyone because I’ve gotten a few emails in regards to The Legend of Me, which was originally supposed to have been released by now. I know the last time I did an update on it, we’d been looking at possibly January 2014 (which has obviously come and gone). Well, right now, the release date is kind of a “floater” meaning, I don’t have one yet. The thing is, I write for various publishers, and with my contracts, I can’t have books release too close together from different publishers. In other words, I can’t have a book release from publisher A today, then in a week, have a book release from Publisher B because then those titles would be “competing”.  And because the Legend of Me release date got moved, it was too close to a book I had coming out with another publisher. So, it is now floating (in space—LOL—just kidding), and my publisher will let me know probably about 1-2 months in advance of when it’s going to release. But I promise you, Legend will eventually release.


I will hopefully, soon, have more AWESOME news to share. News I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks now. Just waiting for an email to come through giving me the go ahead to share. Oh, and pretty soon (May, I think), I’ll start seeing Arcs (advance reader copies) for The Winter People! SQUEEE….how exciting is that? I have one book signing scheduled so far in September  (you can see my news page for that info).


Otherwise, I’ve been staying mondo busy. I’ll be getting back to writing The Legend of Me bk 2, and also getting ready to jump into The Winter People bk 3 soon. So the crazy writing schedule will continue.


Oh, and before I forget (because I’m good at that—hehehe), I will be posting my book blog tour info next week for The Romeo Club (squee). During the blog tour and also the week of my release, I’ll have some contests running for people to enter to win “Nerd Packs” for The Romeo Club! I’ll also be giving away signed bookmarks etc. So stay tuned for that.


Hope you’re surviving the winter. It’s been rough. Hoping Spring will “arrive” soon (LOL). ((HUGS))…talk to you all again soon!!

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