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Hey all, I’m blogging at Totally 4 YA today.  Talking about school clothes shopping with my kids…


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Hey everyone, I’m blogging at Totally 4 YA today about some of my best/worst summer jobs. Make sure to drop in!

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Hey everyone, I’m blogging at Totally 4 YA today.  Talking about getting an agent, my son reading one of my stories, and writing…

Hope to see you there!!!

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Hey everyone, I’m blogging at Totally 4 YA today. Feel free to drop in and say hi! Would love to see you! I’m dicussing friends…

AND ZOMG Did you see VD (Vampire Diaries) last night! Holy CRAP! Can I just say, that Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) is freaking awesome! I had to rewind my DVR just to see him tell Elena that he’d always choose her!! Totally LOVE HIM.

And wow, lots of plot twists again! So can’t wait for next week. I absolutely LOVE THIS SHOW…

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Phew! Well, first of all, I’m blogging over at Totally 4 YA today talking about my vacations gone bad (LOL). Yeah, pretty much every trip I ever take has mishaps.

In other news, my first 250 words of The Fairy Godmother Files: Cinderella Complex made it into the semi-finals (top 20) over on Brenda Drake’s Blog for the Show me the voice contest. Agent Natalie Fischer will be picking the top 3 (who will win critiques from her). How awesome is that? So, here’s hoping I can nab one of the top 3 spots.

But either way, I’m SO SO SO thrilled to have gotten into the semi-finals.

In further news (LOL), I’ve received some requests for fulls/partials in the querying round, which I just started. Woohoo!

So keep your fingers crossed, the prayers coming, voodoo dolls stocked (LOL), or whatever it is you do for good luck (four-leaf clovers, rabbit feet).

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Hey everyone Totally 4 YA is having a contest for a chance to win Fallen by Lauren Kate. The book is definitely a good read! So hop on over to Totally 4 YA. The contest deadline is this coming Sunday…

And while you’re there, feel free to look around!

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Hey everyone, I’ll be blogging at Totally 4 YA today. Tackling the subject of books turned movies/TV shows. So drop on by and say hi!

And thanks to all of you who have been hanging out here lately! Been having fun getting to know you…

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