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Phew I am coming out of my writing cave to say hi and Happy Belated New Year (and Christmas). I’m in the process of finishing up a secret project. Only like 8,000 more words to write on this bad boy and we’ll be done (woot-woot). I’m also going to be going through proofs on my YA Contemporary book How to Unbreakup, which will be coming out on 2/10/15!

If you’d like to sign up to be a part of the book cover reveal you can go here: http://www.yaboundbooktours.blogspot.com/2014/12/cover-reveal-sign-up-how-to-unbreakup.html

Let’s just say things have been crazy busy on the writing front. I have 4-5 books coming out in 2015:

How to Unbreakup 2/10/15
Secret Project late spring/early summer 2015
Summer Marked (Winter People bk 2) 8/4/2015
Where there Be Humans is slotted for Fall 2015 (but that might change)
And hopefully Legend of Me will be out in 2015 as well (still working on details of this one).

So yeah, lots going on. On the home front all the kidlets and animals are doing awesome. We’re in indoor soccer season in the Purdy house, so we’ll get to watch some kick butt games.

I’m going to try and post more this upcoming year. Just have to get a couple deadlines under my belt this month then I should be back on track to posting more often. Maybe I’ll throw in some short stories…

Hope everyone is well and surviving winter ((HUGS))…

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Okay, sooooo….I can finally spill the beans on my recent book deal (more information to come). But my lovely agent, Jennifer Mishler sold my YA Fantasy book: Where There Be Humans to Entangled Teen! SQUEEEEE….YOU GUYS, THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOK I’VE WRITTEN.


 Not even kidding. I knew it would be a hard sell because it deals with Goblins, but OMG, I can’t wait for you guys to meet Ivy (who is kick ass) and Pudge her awesome and hilarious best friend and side kick. I ADORE these guys!!!


We have a tentative release for 2015 (not sure exact date yet). I’ll give you guys more info as I get it, but I just wanted to share my FABULOUS GREAT NEWS!! Will post PM announcement when it goes live.


Also, next week starts off The Romeo Club Blog Tour! Stay tuned for more info!


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Okay, so I’m totally thrilled to say that I finished my most recent WIP! I came in at around 72,000 words which is about where I figured I’d end.

The story has been a labor of love and has taken me a lot longer than any of my others to write (5 months). So, I’ll be diving into edits and apply crits from my crit group (who are all FABULOUS). Then I’ll do some more edits and send it off to my betas.

It’s so awesome to come to the end of a story. And I’ll admit that I teared up. I haven’t had one of my own stories do that to me before (LOL).

So YAY, I got to type THE END! I’m hoping to have this bad boy ready to start query by the end of October. Although, I’m still waiting to hear on fulls/partials sitting with agents for my last story (LOL). So today I’ll be doing some edits, posting more of the end chapters for critique, and maybe taking a look at my query blurb.

Then, I’ll take a 2 week break before diving into my next YA story (which is a supernatural thriller).

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