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Okay, so everyone has their own secret writing formula, time of day + certain spot= large word count. Or certain setting + lots of people/no people around= large word count. Or listening to music + office=large word count.

There are so many variables, but I tend to be a more “doom and gloom” kind of writer. Now I know everyone is wondering, what in the heck is a “doom and gloom” kind of writer? I do my best writing when it’s gloomy out. I love the rain, cloudy gray skies, thunder rumbling, lightening flashing or at least a very dim room. I also find that the creative juices really get flowing when I’m in certain settings. For instance up at a lake with the waves crashing in the background or dreary wooded areas with lots of green and the light blotted out.

If I had it my way I’d buy up a chunk of wooded land and plop a writing shack right in the middle of it. Not that I have anything against the sunshine, it’s just that I like the dimmed rooms/dark settings for my writing. Then of course there’s the music. I love listening to it while I write as it can set a mood for a scene or make me dig deeper into the romance between characters.

Okay, so here’s my writing formula: dark cabin + woods/lake front+ dreary weather = high word count.

So I’m wondering what kind of environment creates the best backdrop for your writing?


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