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And it’s November already!!! Where the heck did October go? LOL.  Been super, crazy busy (which is why we have had a lack of blog posts lately). I’m in the midst of writing Legend of Me book 2 (started it at the end of October). I got a peek at the cover for Legend of Me and you guys are gonna LOVE IT. So pretty and awesome. I’ll likely be able to share it in the next month or so—which also leads me to some unfortunate news that the Legend of Me was pushed back to January 2014 (maybe later). This is one of those things that sometimes happens with publishers and I have n0 control over it. Trust me, I’m bummed, but hey, it’ll give me more time to set up some cool giveaways, plan for fun things!

I’m hoping to get out here more often (as I always seem to be promising)—but I have 4 books that have to be written in the next 12 months, sooooo….if you start hearing crickets, it’s just because I’m trying to get my books written so you can read them (smiles).

Ohh, and I also got to see some mock up covers for The Romeo Club (which are also super adorable). Hopefully, we’ll get the final one soon. So things are moving along.

On the home front, we got a new kitty, who is super cute (and naughty). His name is Sorbert (sure-burt is how you pronounce it).  He spends a lot of time chasing our dogs around the house and instigating fights (hehehe).

We have lots of stuff coming up for the kidlets, band, orchestra, my step-daughter graduates from college in December, 3 of my kids have birthdays, and of course Basketball season will be coming up soon! So yeah, will be doing lots of running around.

Miss everyone and hope your November is going good!! Will check back in soon with any more writing updates!!! ((HUGS))…

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Hello my lovelies! Autumn is in full swing here in the Purdy house. I’ve gotten to chow down my favorite apple cinnamon donuts from our local apple orchard (they’re SO good, not even kidding—LOL). I celebrated another birthday (woot-woot), which means I got to add more books to my pile (hehehe). We’ve got a few more weeks of soccer left before we move into our next sports season. It’s been non-stop go-go-go. But, it’s fun watching the kidlets play. Not to mention we have some orchestra and band stuff on the horizon as well.

I’m working HARD on a few writing projects (yes, that’s right—a few). I just finished outlining one project, I have to outline another and I have 3 books due to be written in the next year (AHHHH). That doesn’t include the 3 books that’ll need to also be edited. Yeah, so I’m thinking perhaps I might have to say goodbye to sleep and hello to lots of caffeine (LOL).

Over the course of the next 1-2 months we should start seeing some bookcovers/blurbs too (SQUEE—THIS MAKES ME VERY HAPPY).

Also, I’ve FINALLY set up my Facebook author page. Which, is kind of naked at the moment, but will have stuff added to it as I get more book info (covers, blurbs, release dates, pics etc). So if you’d like to pop over and like my page, that’d be TOTALLY FAB! I always feel weird starting new things (blogs, twitter, FB stuff). Because those first few weeks are always kind of lonely (LOL). So yeah, hope everyone is doing well. In a couple weeks I’ll be having some of my agent mates stop by to do a guest post (which you don’t want to miss—because they’re awesome).


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Okay, so this was my first week back after a loooong vacation (LOL). It was SO hard coming back to the real world after spending almost two weeks in the wilderness. We did a lot of hiking, swimming, kayaking, campfires, and well, just having fun. It was nice to spend actual time with my family. During most of the year between my day job, hubby’s job, and the kids school/sports/music stuff,  we rarely see one another.

Right now, I’m waiting for my 2nd round edits to come through for Legend of Me. This one is supposed to release later fall early winter (so pretty soon). I’ve been making REALLY slow progress on a summer YA contemp. I managed to write a chapter on vacation (long hand, in the woods–LOL), but yeah, since coming home I haven’t had any time to focus on anything other than running for kidlets and day job stuff.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your summer and continue to enjoy what’s left of it. And now, I leave you with a few pics from my vacation to the UP of Michigan. Lots of beautiful scenery up there…miles of beaches, woodland, and countryside.

Door Under the Cut River Bridge (yes it really says T. Troll). LOL






















Inlaws resting up…









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So sometimes this writing gig is kind of tough. There is so much juggling we have to do. For me, I work full time as well and have over an hour commute one way (on good weather days)—almost 2 hrs on bad weather days. I also have VERY active kids who play basketball, soccer, orchestra, band, Odyssey of the Mind, and Honor Society. Which means, most days I’m jetting right from work to whatever event is going on.

This of course leaves me very little time in my day. So I generally use my lunch hours to write and on occasion a few hours on the weekend. There are times when I get home from work and whatever practice/game etc and grab the quickest thing there is to cook—which accounts for the bigger pants size (LOL). I’m always like, hey, I can try to squeeze in exercise time. But then I’m so exhausted, I just imagine what it’d be like to walk on the treadmill or grab that fab work out video that kicks my butt to the point of wanting to fall over.  I imagine what it’d be like to have extra time to go for a walk or jog or do something “active.” But my chair is just too comfortable to leave.

And then you throw in those “publishing” world stresses: deadlines, waiting to hear back on projects, waiting to hear back on contracts, trying to apply crits to one book, while trying to write another. Soon, your head is spinning. You get this “love/hate” relationship with your email. Checking it like every 5 minutes because you just know today will be the day you get your news. Then you’re disappointed when it doesn’t come. Then you start to wonder if someone changed their mind or if maybe the story had major suckage. The doubt creeps in then you grab some chocolate because it’s a cure-all (LOL). You post your deepest fears to your crit group and they talk you back up and you’re excited and then the cycle starts all over again.

So yeah the writing part is the easy part. Getting those words down, creating this wonderful and FABULOUS story. Hard parts? The waiting. The finding time to exercise. The finding time to sleep. The bigger pants size. But it’s totally worth it. You fight for it because you want it so bad. It’s what you’re made to do.

So embrace your bigger pants and forge onward. Because, as I’ve learned all the bumps in the road make the journey that much more awesome when you finally hold your book in hand and say “Wow, this is mine. People are gonna read it. SQUEEEE.”

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Hello and HAPPY SEPTEMBER! Well, here we are, back to one of the busiest seasons in the Purdy household (Fall). The kidlets are back to school and sports are once more underway—which means long days and lots of running! But I have to admit, it’s one of my favorite seasons too. There are soccer games to watch, leaves changing colors, football games (go Lions), cooler weather, and overcast skies (which so helps me write—LOL).

Writing has been kind of spotty again (sigh), but mostly because I’m trying to brainstorm and jot down different plot notes for TWP book 2. There are so many small things that I want to make sure I get into the story and not forget. But one of the POVs is getting far more notes than the other one, so I have to go back in and make sure I’m spending as much time with the other character (hehehe—that’ll teach me to write a book w/2 povs).

I’ve had several emails as of late asking me about my other books and whether or not I was planning on writing follow up books/or continuing the series. The answer is YES-ABSOLUTELY!!! All three books that I currently have out with the smaller presses are planned as series. When I sold these particular books, I only signed on for 1 book at a time—so I’m not currently contracted for the other books yet, however, that being said, I do plan on finishing them out. Book 2 for My Dad’s a Paranormal Investigator is actually already started, and book 2 for both Staking Shadows and The Fairy Godmother Files are both plotted out, but not written yet. Right now, I’m under contract for The Winter People and the follow up books (as in all 3 have to be written within a certain amount of time). So I’ll have to focus on those first, but once I get those under my belt, I promise to go back and finish up Ima, Sun, and Maggie’s stories. I pretty much know how each series will end, just a matter of sitting down and getting them written.

I want to thank all the people who have emailed me or sent me messages on Facebook regarding my stories—it’s been lovely chatting with you. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my stories as much as I do!

Oh and if you’re looking for a weekend read you MUST MUST MUST try to pick up Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood. Seriously. This has been one of the best YA books I’ve read this year. It’s kind of like an alternative history having to do with witches—there’s romance, magic, *kissing*, and a FABULOUS story line.  

Hope everyone has a FABBITY FAB FRIDAY/WEEKEND! ((HUGS))

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It’s OFFICIAL!! SQUEEE…I have signed with a new agent: Jennifer Mishler of Literary Counsel.

I know some of you might be like WTH, I thought you already had an agent? Well, to keep it short and sweet, we parted ways a couple of months ago. There was no dramatic break-up or anything we just had different visions for my stories/writing. I wanted to stay true to who I was as an author and decided it was time to move on.

All I can say is that Jennifer is FABULOUS and she loves my stories as much as I do. The good thing about going through this before is that I had a VERY good idea of what I wanted/needed this time around. So when I entered the query trenches, I made sure I kept those ideas in the back of my mind.

I remember the first email I received after Jennifer read my full. She told me how much she loved TLOM. She indicated she’d wanted to read through it again to take some notes.

Then came the next email that indicated she wanted to talk with me on the phone (holy wanted to faint at this point). Our call went great (well except for the part where I actually forgot one of my character’s names—LOL, luckily she was cool about that). Jennifer asked if I’d be willing to revise a couple things. I agreed. I did some brainstorming with my crit group on Friday night-Saturday then went to work. I finished the revision up rather quickly then on Weds I got another email indicating she liked the changes and she offered representation. At this point, I had to get with the rest of the agents who had fulls/partials. After some phone calls/emails/chats with agents, Jennifer felt like the best fit. Not only did she “get” my stories, but she knew the YA market.

SO VERY THRILLED to be working with Jenn!

And on a side note, I am blogging at Astraea Press today. If you stop by you’ll be able to see a pic of me dressed as Princess Leia (hehehe). GO STAR WARS!!!!

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