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As many of you know, hospice had come in for my grandma a couple of weeks ago. Well, Saturday, May 18, 2013 she lost her battle. The past two weeks have been emotional and sad for our family. We lost my uncle a few weeks ago to Leukemia and now Grandma has passed away as well. She was the last of my grandparents and I will miss her. Tomorrow we say our final goodbyes and gather to celebrate her life.

But this post isn’t all about sadness, it’s about remembering the good times and the life my grandma lived. It’s about preserving her memory and sharing it.

Growing up my grandparents were this steady rock for their grandchildren. You wouldn’t believe all that they did for us. But I’d love to share some of my favorite memories of my grandma (and grandparents). First and foremost, my grandparents made sure we got to church. Especially when they lived next door to us (LOL). If my parents couldn’t get us there, then they’d pick us up and take us. And when we were younger, I remember all of us piling into the back of my grandparents’ truck and having them bring us to a party store to get candy after church.

And when things got rough at home for me as a teen, my grandparents took me and my cousin to their place on Lake Michigan. I’d spend the days at the beach, swimming, walking, and believe it or not, writing. I wrote a lot of my first and best short stories up there. I’d always snag scrap paper or a spare notebook from their place and just sit for hours and write. I remember stopping at this little old-fashioned ice cream shop and getting chocolate malts on our way up to their place. And I can’t forget how grandma would always want to stop at the vegetable stands so we’d have fresh veggies.

I remember sitting next to Grandma at church and her singing loud and off key. And she was always a voice you could hear, belting out the hymns. I recall Christmases at Grandma’s house and how she and Grandpa would pick out gifts that were basically along the same lines for all us girls. Like “girl” orientated board games (thank you for my first Girl Talk game–LOL), and the Barbies, and the souvenirs from your various trips. I remember the pride Grandma had when I published my first book or how when I accomplished something good she’d stand up and tell the whole congregation at church.

Grandma was a pastor’s wife and proud of it. She shared our excitement when Grandpa baptized our kids…there are just so many good memories, so many wonderful things to think about. To remember.

Our world will be a little duller without her in it, but heaven will be much brighter! We love you Grandma. And we’ll miss you.

Thank you for all your love and for all you did for me.



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